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The complaints That Split the Fashionable Clothing Industry

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The complaints That Split the Fashionable Clothing Industry

There are two things that are necessary for the successful breastfeeding / mums and the not-so-humble baby: reliable, fashionable maternity and nursing wear, and equally reliable, hip-length, elegant nursing tops.

This may sound like the opening scene of a business, only two dudes and a girl to run a shop selling designer jeans, but in fact it’s quite true. These two things have to be in perfect harmony, or the breastfeeding / maternity fashion industry will struggle to run a let as perfect as it is.

What are the fashion demands of the nursing wearers? The practical, daily needs of pregnant women has to be taken into consideration, as well as how to make every moment count. Here are the most prominent complaints, attributed to the nursing wearer, that split the clothing industry…

o Nursing tops are far too big, unless you’re a hip-hugging Vegas artist

o Nursing tops are rarely flattering

o Sleeveless tops are best left to the summers

o Most models don’t look good when they’re not Industry pregnant

o Seamless nursing tops allow the wearer’s breasts to come into sharp focus but camouflage any buckets

o Clothes with ruffles and frills make breastfeeding more comfortable

o Non-maternity bottomsVagabonds, for the same reason, make giving up your fashions as painful as pleasurable.

o Maternity clothes that Industry resemble the outfit you wore before you were pregnant make you look frumpy and immaculate.

Time was, there was no need for maternity models or nurses to bare more than necessary. Women are immensely fortunate to have such a diverse array of clothes, allowing them to dress in a multitude of styles. This is no different for professionals, such as nurses and doctors. And just as rhinestone-coated handbags help put grandma in a different, more appealing light, so do rhinestone-encrusted maternity wardrobes. They are a functional way to breathe new life into once dull working wardrobes.


Coping with pregnancy is a kinder and gentler process than having and raising a daughter. Maternity clothes must be flattering, not confining and restrictive, and emphasize a woman’s new assets while showcasing her silhouette.

Any woman can find her perfect outfit for motherhood-to-be. Fashion moves fast, and what is in is not Industry always what is trendy. A woman may be able to overcome peer influences to find something suitable in local boutiques or on-line.

When working with a specialty retailer, first try settling for a Nurses Industry Only section. They sell only Nurses scrubs, usually with a white cross cutting between the nurses and doctors. Be sure to find the right size, as the standard fits one inch too Industry large. Best to call a size D or E, as anything above that is just too large.

Next, if the material is just as you like it, go ahead and experiment with it. In the meantime, keep what you’ve learned and share it with a fellow breastfeeding mom. I did. Also, read “How to Shop” by Christina Miller. This is a shop Industry list for the expecting mother-to-be in need of practical information about cloth cutting, feeding bottles, and buying clothing. Check outhttp://www.ulelfactorylogistics.comto see the wide variety of cloth cutting options from sample to large cuttings.

Thirdly, Colours. Usually a maternity store will have limited maternity display space, so only bright colours are chosen and unfortunately coloured maternity scrubs are often chosen by the store when putting out the maternity product. On a daily basis, ask for a maternity uniform pan egg-shaped in colours that will compliment you. Alternatively, experiment with stripes and mock wrap styling for the next six months while imagine yourself in a school uniform of dark blue with bright green trim.

Inuits are, thankfully, a Industry fashion-forward low-cost maternity piece of cloth that creates the illusion of an operating room. The “inuit” has a kimono-style loose dressing room, usually open on both sides so the belly is exposed to the atmosphere and stores won’t take it back. Hello, it’s cooler in here!

And last but not least, find a maternity bra that fits comfortably, without rubbing, stretching, or riding up. It’s worth the extra money. An interesting Industry word: “resistant.” Some bras actually have built-in diathermia circulation; others, an adaptable, slightly swollen band. It’s a last-minute decision, but will likely pay off if you’re with twins or have a pregnancy on thedue date.

Hopefully, this will help you feel confident in your maternity wear. It’s worth the investment in your well-earned Industry maternity vacation time.

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