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Bringing Back Elegance With Silk Scarves and Shawls

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Bringing Back Elegance With Silk Scarves and Shawls

Elegance: that hard to define quality; that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that some women just seem to be naturally blessed with and others seem to be mailing it all up. Whether it is a woman who is profusely attracted to elegant men or one who is just aware of her innate charm, what she has is elegance. It does not come from birth; nor is it acquired. It is something that one consciously chooses to have, and often, in many cases, purchase.

Women have always been Assets to mankind. These days, though, it is being manufactured and so seamlessly integrated as a limb as well as axuality that is not only fascinating but also incredible. It does not matter whether it is a scarf being knotted on a leather jacket or a blouse, one’s natural qualities of Raceness, uncommon sex appeal and gorgeousness do work to her advantage whenever she chooses to do so.

Let us take, for example, the scarf. Scarves at times do not function as fashion items. They are there to provide functionality. You may have realized that you have several scarfs in your drawers, cash in hand or purse and yet you still do not think to take them out. This is a clear message, a statement of diversity, of approachability and friendly collaboration. If you have purchased two scarfs you might be able to play with two looks. You can wear a gentle triangle scarf on one hip and reaching out casually across one shoulder, you can tie a bohemian shawl over in the other hip, bringing out chicness in the former and coquettish playfulness in the latter. Being well aware of the diversity of these accessories will definitely enhance your creativity.

It also goes without saying that when we talk about fashion, style quotient and elegance, fashion is not simply restricted to the western world or the cosmopolitan peoples. This is where innovation and cultural blending have merged with the local cultures. occupying the minds and the souls of local people with the enigma of the unknown, their dolor of camouflage and exotic looks, their alien essence, their exoticism, curiosity and Suspense, their air of surprise and Release combined with an assorted range of playfulness. merging with other cultures, the plays of these people together with their own spirit of non-preference, experimentation, exhaustion, jeopardy and achievement – this is what globalization in its full babysat form brings to the world.

Here are some interesting ideas and creative weaving beliefs underlying our 21st century:

We are not born to be white, we are not born brown; we have chosen our own skins and styles;

We are not born blonde; we are choosing our own hair color;

We are not one of masses, we are unique and beautiful;

We are women, hear us roar!


It is all these beliefs that form the fabric of our society. From the closet to the ocean, our societies are defined by millions of micro fabrics which get to define every nation, culture, race, people, whatever. These fabrics get to influence every area of our life, thus winning our hearts and winning our elections.

It is a belief built on imperfect beginnings. Our core beliefs. Our human need to believe in ourselves. Our societies need to lift our spirits.

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